Exhibitions (one-person except where noted)

1948 Artists Guild, St Louis, MO
1952 Creative Gallery NYC
1954-1966 Various group shows at the Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM; juried and non-juried
1960 Year in Mexico with exhibitions of prints, watercolors, woodcuts and drawings
in Uruapan, Michocoan.
1953-1966 Solo shows at Jonson Gallery (UNM) Albuquerque, NM and commercial showrooms 1962 The Southwest- Painting and Sculpture: Ford Foundation Exhibit, Houston, TX (group)
1970 Kunsthaus Fischinger, Stuttgart, Germany (group)
1977 Galerie Untere Schranne, Biberach/Riss, Germany
1978 Galerie bei Fleiner, Stuttgart, Germany (group)
1979-1982 Annual solo show, The Pavilion at Dornier, Immenstaad, Germany
1981 "Biberacher Kuenstler"; City Museum, Biberach, Germany
1985 Galerie Untere Schranne, Biberach, Germany
1989-1990 "Albuquerque '50s"; Group exhibition at the University of New Mexico under the direction of Peter Walch, Museum Director
1991 Galerie Martinus, Biberach, Germany
1996 Hotel Plaza Real, Santa Fe (group)
1997 Taos Art Museum, Taos NM; solo show, Museum Purchase
1998 Mountain House Gallery, Glorieta NM, solo and Gallery group exhibitions
1998 "Professor Jonson -Teacher of Art and Ideals"; University of New Mexico, Albuquerque; retrospective show of work by former students of Raymond Jonson.
2000 -2007 Johnson's of Madrid gallery (group)

Private & Institutional Aquisitions of Works by the Artist

Jonson Gallery at The University of New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts, Albuquerque, NM (7 works)
Executive Suite at ZF Friedrichshafen AG (Industrial Concern), Friedrichshafen, Germany (2 works)
Hiller, Seeburger, Law Offices, Biberach, Germany (2 works)
Peter Haug, Biberach, Germany (several)
Karl Hoehn KG (Printers and Publishers) Biberach, Germany (several)
Ray and Margaret Ericksen, Palos Verdes, CA (several)
Dr. Charlotte Althoff, Germany
Peter and Amy Siedlecki, Portland, OR (several)
LA FAMILIA Medical Center, Santa Fe NM
Mary Anna Hudson, Houston, TX
Robert and Mary Platt, Lyme, CT
Taos Art Museum, Taos NM (1 work)
David A. Gonzales, M.D., Santa Fe, NM
Jeanne Priest, Newport, RI
1st National Bank of Santa Fe New Mexico
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Endgame - Purple, painting by Richard G Kurman

"Endgame - Purple" 2013-2015, oil on canvas 24x30 in.


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